Hallee Nguyen


My story in connection with the Union 890 strikes begins with my friend Denise Nava. Denise and I met in the UNM Master’s in Public Administration program in 2012. We both wanted to pursue a career in nonprofit management after graduation. Although we had different paths to get there, we both serendipitously ended up at the Albuquerque Community Foundation. Denise and I share the values that I believe she learned from her family. What I’ve always admired about Denise is her creative ability to find ways to serve others. She’s constantly giving back to others, whether it’s her closest family and friends or strangers she meets through her job. She manages the scholarship program at ACF and I think it’s a perfect role for her because she’s approachable and kind to the students she works with. She is always finding ways to optimize funding for students in New Mexico. Since she’s worked at ACF, she established a party for all the scholarship recipients. Last year, over 100 students and their families attended this celebration and this is now a tradition in the community. Denise’s family has lived in Silver City for many generations. Her grandfather and father worked at the mines during the time of the Union 890 mine strike. I look forward to learning more about their stories of the strike and how their family has been affected.

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