Steve Ray Aguirre


In 1952, I worked with Juan Chacon, Chano Merino, Arturo Florez, and all of them. I remember them. I got to meet all of them. I became their sheriff in 1965 with very big support from the union — almost a thousand percent. I got to know a lot of the people from the Empire Zinc at the time. All the stories are filled with hardship. I got along with everybody. I was the first hispanic sheriff, after 100 years of sheriffs. There’s a good article in the Daily Press about this. Very good articles, yes sir. There’s a few people left. They’ve all passed away, and I got to work with a lot of them. The Kennecott company was good to work for and Freeport. The strikes are well remembered. It did good for working conditions and benefits for the people, the strikes.


The local 890 building is a museum. It should be a museum. There’s a lot of history there. I gave the union an oilcloth, about 8×10. On the front of it it said something like “re-elect Steve Aguirre for sheriff.” It was a campaign banner. The back had all of the signatures from the local 890 members on the back from about 50 years ago. The reason I gave it to them was so that the children can see the signatures on them from their fathers and grandfathers. I got along with everyone in the county. Your personality and the work you do for the community matters. I’m very thankful for what Grant county did for us, as a servant of the community.

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